Margret 16"1 eleven year old mare, very friendly and genuine three correct paces in the school thow not a schoolmistress, shes forgiving safe and sensible and been used mainly for hacking,local level cross country and the odd hunt. 

Margret is a real friendly mare very affectionate and people friendly, Margaret hacks out alone and in company and happily plods along at the end of the buckle, shes not phased by heavy traffic or farm machinery and will happily go first or last. 

Jumping Margaret is a capable bold horse jumping what you ask of her with ease, she will happily jump in the school 80" thow she hasn't done lots of show jumping mainly x country jumps and hunting, shes not phased by water ect and remains level headed at all times. 

Margret is super loving and willing to please and everyone adores her on the yard she's excellent to shoe,box,clip and loads and travels perfect.