Patch 13"2 seven year old super safe ride and drive gelding! Calling out to all riding schools! RDA centres and therapy clinics! Aswel as others looking for a super safe pony! 

Patch is snaffle mouth, the ultimate super safe laid back ideal first pony type! First pony's as safe as patch are very hard to source! He's anybody's ride and everybody's ride he has three established paces in the school, he's very chilled out and quiet and likes the steady side of life. He requires leg to keep the canter but has amazing breaks and is extremely forgiving of his riders!  He's that super safe riding school type pony! Always reliable, very calm and totally not phased by anything! 

Patch rides and drives he's been ridden and driven in the heaviest of traffic, he's completely bombproof, not phased by tractors,diggers or buses and will happily hack out alone or in company on the busiest of roads wether it's being ridden or driven! He's currently ridden by my twelve year old sister daily and she tacks him up unattended and hacks him out over the fields alongside the dogs! He's easy and safe and has been driven too on many charity drives and fun drives by all the children. 

Patch is no world beater he's a trier and gives you his all! He has a heart of gold! He loves fuss and attention and will stand for hours why we groom and fuss him! He enjoys being lead around the yard by the children and is more like a family pet than a pony! As his stable door is left open and you will find him following the children around or the dogs! He even follows the children when there driving there quads! 

Patch would make a great therapy horse as he's got a calming temperament. He's very laid back about life as shown in my videos with the children doing tik toks on him and everything else. He's a pleasure to have on the yard and gets on very well with other horses and animals. He's very much a family member and gets on with everyone. 

Patch is a full up 13"2 long mane lots of feather and good bone. He moves straight forward and correct and would excel local level showing. Pony camp ect. He's a huge confidence giving pony!