Bob the cob!! Everyone meet Bob 15"1 stocky well built cob gelding! Super safe schoolmaster who is nine years old! Bob is a wide load a real lump of a cob, ideal weight carrier. Ideal beginners dream! Novice ride! Family cob type! 

Bob has three established paces in the school he's snaffle mouthed, moves correctly and is super safe and forgiving of his riders! He's a steady safe rife, super forgiving of his riders and very much established in all disciplines! Ideal riding school type! RDA centre type and just an all-round family cob. 

Bob hacks out alone or in company not phased by heavy traffic or farm machinery! He will happily hack out at the end of the buckle passing everything and anything including horse and carts and arctic lorries! Bobs a laid back cob takes everything in his stride and can be happily ridden first or last. He's been on many charity rides,pleasure rides! And enjoys hacking out across the fields. He's level headed and easy! He will have a nice canter along the bridal ways and does not get hot and fizzy around other horses in open spaces! He's a fun loving cob that would suit all riders. 

Bob is no world beater however he will jump round a course of 80" fences and is not phased by fancy fillers or poles! He's bold and brave and never going to be a top show jumper due to his breed and stamp but he gives everything a try and the children ride him around on a loose rein jumping logs and small fences. He's a fun cob he loves doing things and he happily allows the children to tack him up unattended and take him straight out over the fields! He rides next to the quad bikes and all the dogs and is not phased in the slightest. 

Bob has good ground manners he's been excellent to wash out, stands in solaruim unattended. He's a fun cheeky character who everyone adores on the yard. He is great to shoe,box,and loads and travels perfect. He gets on very well with other horses and animals! 

Bob is a family cob super affectionate and kind, gives you his all and loves being fussed and loves! He's a people person and will stand for hours to be groomed and fussed! As shown in my videos hes being handled and ridden by twelve year olds! Says a lot about a cob of this size being handled and ridden by chillden. 

Priced too sell at £6000