Tommy 13"2 eight year old cob gelding. Tommy is such a genuine lad with three established paces in the school, he's snaffle mouthed very laid back,super safe and loves his job. He's super willing to please and although he's super safe and sensible he has that second gear when needed  to take his riders to the next level. 

Tommy is super safe and forgiving and will happily take a novice, he's ideal first pony type safe level headed and very much enjoys his job, he's ridden by all the children and has given my little sister huge confidence in her jumping. Tommy is a super pony that will happily plod around the school on a loose rein with his riders flapping around and not being phased but will happily step it up and pull it together when required to be that second pony type who will bring you to the next level. 

Tommy hacks out alone or in company he's not phased by heavy traffic or farm machinery and here on our yard they need to be bombarded and iff there not then they will be in no time! He's not phased by quads,lorries, horses and carts and children running wild around him! He's a lovable friendly cob who enjoys playing around with the children! We have often referred to Tommy as a pet dog rather than a horse as he's super playful and loves following the children and dogs around. 

Tommy is a super horse for jumping  he's safe yet bold and brave! He's giving my sister so much confidence in her jumping. He knows his job and can see his stride and is not phased by fancy fillers or poles neither water trays! He will happily and more than capable to jump around a course of 70"/80" fences in a snaffle. He will take you over jumps in Trot why you try to build confidence and then in canter. He's a super lad for x country and pony club and he would be one of the best there at pony camp for his capability and temperament. 

Tommy is a lovable pony super affectionate very much in your face and enjoys everything you do with him! He enjoys his job and loves to be fussed and petted. He has excellent ground manners and gets on very well with other horses and dogs. He's excellent to shoe,box,clip and loads and travels perfect. 

Tommy is an ideal first pony will the capability to me be that second pony all in one! A combined pony that is happy to step it up or down a gear when asked, he's level headed and fun! Safe sensible and kind! 

Based in wickford Essex open to full vetting and bloods £4000