Prince 15"2 ten year old super safe ride and drive cob gelding. Prince is a full up 15"2 hands he's a nice genuine type, moves amazing with excellent confirmation, he's anybody's ride steady and reliable and very willing to please. 

Prince is snaffle mouthed with three established paces in the school, he's forgiving of his riders and happy to plod along on a loose rein, children and adults ride him he's an allround family cob who has been there seen it and done it. He can be a little lazy when in the school and need a little tap with the schooling whip to keep him going however he's safe sensible and level headed! I'd rather have a horse needing leg then not be able to put leg on. 

Hacking out Prince hacks out alone or in company he's not phased by heavy traffic or farm machinery and as shown in my videos he will happily go out on the busiest road in town and pass everything and anything and remain level headed on a loose rein.  Prince rides and drives perfect he's been on many horse drives,pub drives, charity drives and is brilliant and will happily stand outside the local pubs tied up waiting for you! He's level headed with a good heart he's definitely a family fun cob to enjoy ridden and driven and is most definitely good enough to show. 

Prince is regularly hacked out over our local fields he remains in a snaffle and happy to have a steady canter along the bridal ways, he's does not fizz up or get strong and happy to go first or last around other horses, Prince is great around dogs as we hack out over the fields with all the dogs running alongside and he's fine. 

Jumping Prince is no world beater however happily jump local level fences, cross poles and when out hacking will jump logs ect, he's not a show jumper but will try his best at everything you ask of him and capable of going clear around a 70" course just to have some fun. 

Prince has excellent ground manners he's super loving loves lots of fuss and attention and handled by the children. He's great to shoe, box,clip and loads and travels perfect. He gets on very well with other horses and animals and is a real pleasure to have on the yard.